Switched on Schools

Meet Ray Current and his dog Eddy. They both love exploring and have found lots of different forms of natural energy like the sun, wind and water that can be used to provide us with power for our homes and schools. These are called renewable energy sources and are really good for us to use because they don’t harm the environment and will never run out.

Let Ray and Eddy show you around to help you find out more about different ways to use renewable energy…don’t worry about getting lost - if you do just click on the Switched on Schools sign in the top corner and Ray and Eddy will come back to help you!

Switched on Schools Solar Power Generation Total

(Since 01 October 2007)

00339499.64 kWh of power

An average Northern Ireland house uses 11kWh of power a day

00176539.81 kilograms of carbon dioxide (CO2) saved

On average 6 trees remove 1 tonne of CO2 (over the life of the tree)

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